Foundational Family Services
August 19, 2020
Help is here when families need it the most. No diagnosis needed. When a family has questions about their child's development, KidsAbility is often the first call that they make. We are here to answer that call and the many questions you may have from where to start to what services might be available to support you and your child. KidsAbility provides Foundational Family Services to anyone in our community—no diagnosis needed. Funded through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Foundational Family Services through provided by KidsAbility through the Ontario Autism Program break down barriers so that anyone in our community with questions or who may be concerned that their child is facing challenges can access services and support when they need it the most. Our dedicated, professional staff will work with you to find workshops, resources, groups, support and more to help you be successful. We are...
July 10, 2020
Here is a helpful step by step, on how to sign up and register your child for any of our purchased service programs.
Virtual Therapy At KidsAbility
July 10, 2020
We're open virtually to help your child realize their goals! Our sites may be closed right now but our teams are working from home to provide your family and your child with therapy and support services through technology.
KidsAbility ASSET Program
March 10, 2020
Need help with... Being sensory friendly and inclusive? You’re not alone, we can help! KidsAbility is proud to offer our ASSET Program. This will provide your business or organization an understanding of the basics of challenging behaviour. It will offer tips and tricks to help overcome those challenges, recommendations about your environment and how to make your space more inclusive and welcoming for all.
Meet our Clinical Leadership Team
July 5, 2019
We are pleased to have a team of highly trained Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA). When registered in one of our Behaviour Support Programs, your child will have a BCBA assigned to him/her. The BCBA will oversea clinical direction of your family's treatment plan. Having a team of BCBAs allows us to share more than 15 years of experience and collaboration. KidsAbility also strongly believes in the benefits of Social Work, and employs registered social workers to assist our families during challenging times