There are essentially 3 steps for users on the site:

  1. Create account

  2. Create child/youth associated with account

  3. Register child/youth for a program


Create Account

Users who do not have an account can create one by visiting the MyAccount link in the menu or the Create Account button which appears in the top bar of the site for anonymous (not logged in) users. 

Add Child/Youth

Once signed in, users (parents) can add or update information on their children/youth through the Add Child Form. 

The checkbox for legal guardian, which must be yes to continue. This is stored in the relationship between the parent contact and the child contact.

Registering for a Program

Users can register their children/youth through the Programs section of the website. These programs are sortable/filterable by age group(s), and program category.

Similarly, a register link for each child can be seen at the top of the screen when viewing the full program information screen.

Registration happens in a few steps:

Parent signs up their child/youth using the form described above. 

A KidsAbility staff member reviews and approves the registration. After this change is saved, an email is sent to the parent(s) of the registered child/youth.

Parent follows the link in the email to complete their registration, including payment.

Once payment is received the registration process is complete.


If you run into any challenges at any point in your process please reach out to 519-886-8886 ext 1349, and a member of our team would be happy to assist you.