Hi Amanda, 

For the longest time we just could not get Kaiden to show any interest in his therapy sessions. We found it difficult to get his attention, we could not get him to participate. He wouldn't look at the things we were trying to show him, or touch the things we wanted him to play with. He just sat quietly, never using his voice. 
Then we were so lucky to have the opportunity to bring music into his sessions. Kaiden came to life! He was excited and happy! We have finally been able to get him to actively participate. He has started clapping to "if you're happy and you know it", he has started trying to mimic the things we do, he has been dancing in his seat and squealing with joy. He even claps his hands for more when his favourite songs are over. He has started recognizing songs and is starting to remember what actions we do with those songs. He has come so very far, all because of his music therapy. 
It has been absolutely amazing to be able to see the joy music has brought to Kaiden. It fills my heart to watch his excitement and happiness in his sessions and when we sing and play at home. It is really amazing to see Kaiden showing an interest in something he loves. 
Thank you for giving Kaiden this wonderful opportunity. Thank you for expanding his world and changing his life. Thank you for opening the doors for Kaiden, to a future full of music! Thank you for your generous donation. 

Melissa Kuntz


Hi Amanda,

I am writing you this email to let you know that my Daughter truly enjoyed the Eat Cook & Mingle Program. My Daughter has ASD and is 12 years old. Every week she was excited to attend the group and she always looked forward to what they were making the following week. I have to say that it was the first time I was able to leave her for a few hours without my care.  The girls running the group were so helpful and made her feel so comfortable. They kept my daughter interested, engaged and made it so much fun. I truly hope this Program comes back to Guelph in the Spring

thank you so much Amanda



Hi, my name is Janine and I have 3 children. Connor is 8, Casey is 4, and Sofia will be 3.  I am writing to say Thank you for the generous donation you provided , thus  allowing Connor and Casey to Attend Firefly swim, and Firefly Friends camps during the summer this year.

Last summer we received confirmation on our kids condition. All 3 of our children have a Rare Genetic Disorder, called Bardet-Biedl Syndrome. Their quality of life will be affected greatly, mostly with the vision loss they will all experience by the time they are teenagers, as well as developmental delays and behaviour issues they all have currently endured since birth.

We have used many services available to us at KidsAbility. The staff, Therapists, and programs are amazing, and most importantly, our kids love going there. My husband and I made a decision for the family, and I am currently a stay at home Mom. It was the best choice for our kids and what they all need right now. With only one income, and my husband losing his job earlier this year, we weren't sure if we would be able to send Connor and Casey this year to Camp. With your generous donation, you have given our kids the best summer yet! They have made friends, which is hard for them, and they have had fun. To see their excitement and hear their stories of what went on at camp, makes this Mom very happy and blessed to know there are people in this world willing to help others.

Thank you again for you kindness, and allowing our kids to forget for a moment and just be kids!

Janine, Allan

Connor, Casey, Sofia