Social Discovery

Social Discovery provides learners an introduction to the concepts of what it means to be a Social Detective. This group uses the concepts from Social Thinking® by Michelle Garcia Winner as its core curriculum. To learn more about Social Thinking visit During Social Discovery, learners will participate in guided discussions, video examples, games, crafts and gross motor activities. 

Social Discovery is designed for children/youth aged 8 – 12 who require additional support learning how to interact and engage appropriately with peers. In this program participants will learn: 

What Social Smarts are and how we use them
Expected vs. unexpected social behaviours
How to observe and decode body language and other nonverbal behaviour
Emotional regulation
Social perspective taking
Communication skills
…and more

Cost: $450.00


Program Type: 

  • Recreation
  • Social Skills

Age Group: 

  • Kids (6 to 10)
  • Tweens (11 to 13)

Current and Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no upcoming sessions in the system. But you should contact us if you're interested in having us run one soon!