Rock & Rite Camp

This camp focuses on current music through interactive group song writing, performing and recording! Participants will receive high quality digital recordings of their own music using the available guitars, piano, drums and sound system. 

Songs may be created through; 

rewriting the words to an existing song (song parody), 

rap - either freestyle rapping over an original or pre-existing beat, or crafting a rap song that tells the story of your life or the story of your community, 

blues form, which typically expresses a sad theme (first two lines of a verse) with a resolution or solving of a problem,

sampling and combining existing music to create something new


Creating a song can help individuals externalize some of the issues that they are facing and, in the process, give their difficulties a more manageable form. That process can help increase self-confidence and self-esteem, provide a creative way to express oneself and the opportunity to discover a life tool that can continue to be used beyond the music therapy space. Group song writing experiences enable therapeutic group processes to emerge that include trusting others, letting others in, and respecting others’ experiences and perspectives. 

Ages 12- school exit 

Program Type: 

  • Camp
  • Music Therapy
  • Recreation

Age Group: 

  • Tweens (11 to 13)
  • Teens (14 to School Exit)

Current and Upcoming Sessions

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