Playtime Academy

Playtime Academy is a fun and engaging group for children aged 4 – 7 who require additional support learning how to interact and play appropriately with their peers. Each lesson will be broken down and taught using interactive lessons, modeling, and role playing. Your child will have many opportunities to participate in fun and interactive games. Group activities are designed to promote skill competencies.
Does your child...

Have a hard time focusing in a group setting 
Have challenges with teamwork 
Need additional support in understanding
social expectations?
…then Playtime Academy will help!

Weekly topics may include:

Turn taking      
Focusing and listening
Winning and losing
Personal space
Asking friends to play
… and many more

Cost: $450.00 

Program Type: 

  • Recreation
  • Social Skills

Age Group: 

  • Toddlers (3 to 5)
  • Kids (6 to 10)

Current and Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no upcoming sessions in the system. But you should contact us if you're interested in having us run one soon!