Playtime Academy Jr.

Join us in this fun and engaging group for children aged 3-7 who require additional support in developing beginner social skills and peer interaction within a group setting.
Throughout the group your child will participate in activities that will enhance early social skills such as, communication, turn taking and sharing, attending, following group routines and early play skills. Each week your child will learn about various social skills through, modeling, structured activities, and group games.

Does your child…

Have difficulty participating in a group learning environment?
Require additional support engaging in peer interactions?
Need help developing skills such as, learning to focus on current tasks, communication, listening to others, taking turns and sharing?
Require assistance to engage in early play skills?

…then Playtime Academy Jr. will help!

Cost : $450.00

Program Type: 

  • Recreation
  • Social Skills

Age Group: 

  • Toddlers (3 to 5)
  • Kids (6 to 10)

Current and Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no upcoming sessions in the system. But you should contact us if you're interested in having us run one soon!