Play, Create and Explore

This music therapy group is mainly designed for children who have difficulties expressing themselves and trouble with attention span, but also recommended for children who are seeking to interact with peers through playing and creating together. 

This creative program allows children to explore different ways to express their emotions and explore themselves through use of different forms of creative/expressive arts such as: instrument playing, movement, visual arts, poetry, and drama. 

Artistically expressing can give children opportunities to externalize internal struggles and allow children to discover a safe and creative expressive tools. 

This group is offered to participants between the ages of 4 to 7.

Program Type: 

  • Music Therapy

Age Group: 

  • Toddlers (3 to 5)
  • Kids (6 to 10)

Current and Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no upcoming sessions in the system. But you should contact us if you're interested in having us run one soon!